Birmingham City - Villa's Finest Sink England
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Villa's Finest Sink England

Aston Villa's Scott Carson and Gareth Barry combined to help rob fans of the chance to cheer the country in Euro 2008 during England's 3-2 loss against Croatia at Wembley tonight.

Goalkeeper Carson's early clanger and subsequent comedic performance must surely leave Villa fans wondering if their club really should give Liverpool 10million in January to secure his services on a permanent basis.

Carson allowed Nico Kranjcar to open the scoring from distance after just eight minutes. The Croatian fired a speculative shot from distance and Carson, failing to remember the basics by not getting his body behind the ball, parried the attempt into the net.

Speaking on Match of the Day, Ian Wright said: "Croatia were always going to shoot from anywhere and I at least thought he'd (Carson) do the basics and get the body behind the ball. But he didn't and he's paid the price."

The answer to Villa's goalkeeping problems was arguably at fault for Croatia's second goal when the defence blundered an attempt to catch Hamburg's Ivica Olic offside. His poor position helped the striker to round him and knock the ball into the net.

Of course, England fought their way back into the game, somehow, but Croatia grabbed the winner with another long-range effort after 77 minutes. While Carson was unsighted for Mladen Petric's 25-yard shot, but it could be argued that he should have been in a better position to see the attack.

Gareth Barry, who was put out of his misery by Steve McClaren at half-time, did little but lose possession while he was on the pitch. The Villa skipper quickly reverted to type following mildly successful performances in recent internationals.

While on the subject of Villa let-downs, the big question now is whether Martin O'Neill will replace Steve McClaren - as some sections of the media are calling for.

Of course, it would be hilarious to see who American football fan and Villa owner Randy Lerner would give the job to - but the good of the national team must come first. Whether O'Neill wouldn't be a good choice for the FA - if McClaren does go - is open to question. Well, many, many questions...

Whatever happen, tonight will be remembered as the night when the club boasting to be breeding the England internationals of the future helped eliminate the England team of the day. Thanks, guys, thanks very much.

The Journalist

Writer: Jasper's Parrot Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday November 22 2007

Time: 12:11AM

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He's our Ronaldo, England are S@1X
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22/11/2007 00:15:00

ouch - a touch harsh arent we mate? i know they are your rivals but come on... carson made a horrible error for the 1st goal, but it wasnt his fault that we lost and went out really was it? personally - as i have said all week - he shouldnt have been in this position anyway, the no.1 should have been david james - simple as... good luck to carson in the future tho, i am sure he will bounce back.
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22/11/2007 00:17:00

also did you get my email Jasper's Parrot? im looking to do a pre-match question and answers thing with you ahead of the match at the weekend... if you didnt get it come onto vital pompey and email me through that, or send me a private message in the vital pompey forum. cheers.
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22/11/2007 00:18:00

(replied to email)...You may have a point there. It's not Carson's fault he was picked. He shouldn't have been and that could ruin his career. Needed a player with experience, not a rookie who was clearly showing nerves of a jelly.
Jasper's Parrot
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22/11/2007 00:25:00

i hope it doesnt ruin his career - for his own personal sake and england's, as he is a top class keeper... thanks for the reply mate - you will have got one back by now. we'll sort this out these questions tomorrow, i look forward to seeing what you have to say in the answers after ive sent you the questions.
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22/11/2007 00:31:00

I think that article proves what an idiot you are Jasper,you werent writing too many articles after we beat yez.
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22/11/2007 00:33:00

Sad sight when a washed up American pub league player can outperform someone who is apparently one of the most sought-after midfielders in the Premier League! Barry to a top-four club: yer 'aving a laff!
The Blues Brother
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22/11/2007 00:37:00

Yeah, this is clearly a total ***** take as nobody was good apart from Crouch. But putting rivalry aside it was painful to watch. Need a proper manager in now and one with a decent record, and a recent record, in England. Which in my mind rules out O'Neill. Not an anti-Villa thing, just think he has been away too long. All of the players tonight need to look at themselves closesly. Were too many God-awful performances out there. Hopefully some good will come of it. But it won't. USA 94 did nothing. We're in the rut well and truly.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 00:41:00

Id be delighted if MoN was not considered good enough,but I think he'll be off unless the FA can wrestle Lippi out of your grasp.
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22/11/2007 00:46:00

Okay then. I'm not an England fan but did watch it due to the Villa players. Mistake. Sure, Carson was to blame for the first goal, hard to deny. Second goal was bridge. Third goal is a matter of opinion - different keepers like to position differently. As for Barry, the entire midfield was as shambles and McClaren got it totally, totally wrong by using such a system. So while I disagree with the criticism of Barry and Carson, I won't rant because I find the result kind of hilarious!!!!
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 00:51:00

your a *****er
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 01:09:00

How petty minded can one tw*t get.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 01:24:00

Oh, I can get very petty minded. Very.
Jasper's Parrot
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 01:26:00

What a f****** a**hole, You can't play Barry as a DMid, he needs to be played right in the centre where he can pass it wide let Gerrard get loose upfront, but you can't have SWP, COLE, GERRARD, AND LAMPARD WITH CROUCH UP FRONT, they will attack down the wings and England will be F***ed. It was stupid tactics anyway why the hell would you play a 4,5,1/4,3,3 against a 5,4,1 your wingers can get behind them and your lone striker is marked by three players. Overall the whole team was crap apart from Crouch, Beckham had his little spell but then went non existent. Oh and last but not least this article is a F****** JOKE.
Villa 4 Ever
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 02:06:00 do'nt know what your on about.....still when Maclown gets the sack you can always welcome him with open arms down at the Temple of Doom to replace your darling that would be laugh after another
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 05:50:00

What a f*****g t***. Where were the Blues players to help England out? Oh sorry even Mclaren was clever enough not to include them shower of s**tes. As Pking said you weren't very quick to write articles on November 12th were ya? Joker. UTV
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 06:57:00

Carson was a joke last night. He was at fault for all 3 goals IMO.
Real Deal
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 07:10:00

As a blues fan I imagine you have to be petty minded. No-one takes your crap little club seriously.
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 07:58:00

McLaren for Birmingham! pmsl.
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 07:58:00

well, theres your next new manager sorted, steve mcClaran and "willy" carson young as chairman, what a dream combination.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 08:46:00

your captain couldnt even get in the villa team so how bad does that make you lot? no manager, no money, owners who want out, and a potential buyer who is skint. Moreover, when was the last time a blues player helped england out?
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 08:47:00

Report Abuse
22/11/2007 09:18:00

Carson is quality, he is a young keeper who was thrown into a high tension, high profile game, he made a mistake, it happens, poor conditions didn't help. Carson can't be blamed, first you blame the striker for letting the ball go, then the midfield for allowing the ball to get past them, then the defense for not closing Knrancjar down, then you blame Carson for making the mistake. Lets not forget the 2 world class saves Carson made in the second half to save england from real embarressment. 10million will be a bargain for such a young and talented keeper, mistake will always happen, its how you come away from them that decides how good you are, Carson's second half recovery where he looked much more assured and made several saves shows he is top class. And Barry was only taken off at HT because he was the holding playing and we needed to go all out attack, he wasn't needed anymore. And at the end of the day, Atleast Villa have players in the national squad.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 09:32:00

How the F*** was Carson at fault for all three goals you moron, clearly he was at fault for the first, the second was some awful defending which obviously included worst player on the pitch wayne Bridge and the Third one he didnt see till late and got a hand on it........ you could say why the ***** did they get all that time to shoot, why the ***** did we sit back after going to 2-2...... Barry was crap i admit it but at least he wanted the ball unlike Fat Frank....did he even play??? you are a small minded fool from a small minded club....... how about an article about how your firm is better then ours !!!! thats your usual style you bluenose ***** !!!
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 10:40:00

Barry Didnt play well last night but neither did any one else. In the first half Lampard wasnt even there was he i never heard his name mentioned once. The second half Gerrard was pants. Then there was Wayne Bridge has any player playing in the left back position ever played that badly??. Carson was at fault for the first goal but the second goal Croatia had two players against our 5. 3 of our players was on the goal scorer and he still got through and scored. The third goal Sol Campbell shyed away from the ball when it was kicked. So for all you singled minded blues fans it wasnt just Barry or Carsons fault but the fault of the manager and the team as a hole.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 10:56:00

It merely confirms how pathetic and ill-informed I have always suspected bluenose's to be. Anyone else suspect certain bitter noses were HOPING something like this would happen so they could jump on it? My god you lot need to grow up. I refuse to get into the petty Villa-Blues thing because last night was about England. Suffice to say Parrot, you are simply a ****.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 12:15:00

Haha, how funny. Anything to make yourself feel better managerless relegation fodder! How many England internationals do you have? Zero, nil, none. They won't come to a team destined for the Championship. Roll on relegation!
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 12:18:00

Oh dear smacks of desperation and envy following your managers walk out to Wigan mmmmmm and Lippi turning you down. Your best player and captain will forever onwards be considered great buisness, 2million and a OG nice one Liam. Enjoy your premier league stay as it's back to playing Barnsley for you next season. Barry and Carson are class and will be around for years to come unlike you lot
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 12:18:00

Fellow Villa fans, you're all taking the bait! This article was purely designed to wind us all up and that's exactly what's happening! This is the best comedy article I've ever seen and can only have been written by somebody who supports a team that are so delusional even their tannoy announcer introduces them as the "pride of the Midlands"!!! Maybe the mighty, incredible, unbeatable Birmingham City (see how sarcasm works?) can save us all by providing some international quality players, such as McSheffrey, Ridgewell or Parnaby. Then again, once Yeung takes over it'll be a bit hard when the team's made up of Chinese players... :-)
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 12:37:00

Carson should never have been picked for such a crucial game. Barry was no worse than Lampard or Gerrard. Still atleast it gives you nosers something to talk about other than your fantasy's of having a good manager! Marcelo Lippi!!! haha Priceless
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 12:53:00

Typical blues bull***** is someone abit upset still that we beat you at your ***** hole of a ground. Okay carson made a mistake but he has been world class all season just like your keepers who are they again doyle and taylor? Steve Mclaren is a ***** manager and deserves to manage a ***** club so i look forward to see him under a blue and white umberella down the blues. carson and barry are quality players who would walk into your side but then again you couldn't afford them anyway even your own directors don't want ya haha bottom line get your own house in order before you start slaggin off the villa you blues *****.
AVFC Pride of Brum
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 13:00:00

You Blue noses really do become more pathetic week in week out. If you seriously feel that England's downfall is because of Carson and Barry, that proves just how little you know about football. Just remind me of how many City players are in the England squad? Ah that's right, ZERO. You always go on about how 'Blues carry the city's name' bla bla bla. However most of your players aren't even English, yet alone Brummy. How fitting that you are out-classed by the likes of Agbonlahor, Zat Knight, Craig Gardner etc... and that your captain (arguably your best player) couldn't even make our bench. And for those noses who are critical of MON, let's compare his CV to those of your past managers shall we? And most recently, MON is favourite for the England job but brucey can only manage Wigan?? haha Speaks volumes doesn't it? Do you ever ask yourselves why you have never won a real trophy? You are pathetic, all of you. Pride of the Midlands? Don't make me laugh. The Sty, forever in our shadow.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 13:05:00

This article just shows what a sad bunch of nobody's Blues fans can be. Not all, obviously, but a fair number. They are more interested in Villa not doing well rather than what their shambolic outfit are up to. Carson had a nightmare first half, but kept England in the game in the second. Barry was ordinary at best, but I still think he was far better than Lampard on the night, and Gerrard also had a very poor game. Bridge was shocking, Richards had his worst game in an England shirt and probably only ex-Villan (and maybe future Villan) Peter Crouch came out of the game with any credit. The England team as a whole was very poor against a very good Croatian outfit. I liked the way they played the game. If you Blues fans ever want to be anything but a laughing stock you need to GROW UP and not think your only enjoyment comes from anything a Villa player does wrong.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 17:27:00

Problems were Lampard and Gerrard in midfield which we know doesn't work. Also the hoofing of balls up to Rodney with noone to knock down to anywhere near him. Nothing to do with Barry. The defence were just stepping back and letting them run at them and shoot at will. Poor Carson was a victim of bad tactics by the clueless manager who has destroyed Robinson's confidence.Hope you guys get Mclown now, although he would probably turn you down. The author of this is a NOB
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 18:08:00

John Giles said Barry was England's best midfielder,but that may have been more of a criticism of Lampard and Gerrard.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 21:27:00

Jasper's Parot what a complete t**t you are. Typical bloooose fan. you are an embarrassment to the City of Birmingham. (YOU'RE OFTEN PARTISAN la la la..... IN YOUR CARAVAN la la la.... WIPE THAT SNOT OFF THE END OF YOUR NOSE...WIPE THAT SNOT OFF)! Bloose villa version response u p***K STY andrews enough said. SHA small heath alliance SOTC
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 22:50:00

If thiS was written by a top 4 club or club with loads of english players coupled with ambition then I could buy this - However we are talking about a trophy less, non english, relegation bound club - BIRMINGHAM *****TY - WHO CANT SELL OUT THE PATHETIC GROUND THEY INHABIT - ENOUGH SAID
Report Abuse
23/11/2007 21:18:00


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